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Useful Language Information

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Useful Language Information

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:11 am

General programming Language Information

Dr. Buffenbarger has collected the hello-world programs for all the languages that can be run on onyx. Copies are in the directory directory on onyx if you want to check them out. Shell scripts called MAKE are included when appropriate to show you how to compile the programs. Otherwise, just type the command name which is the name of the directory.
Standards Organizations
Ohloh Compare Languages

Specific Languages

MIPS - a RISC instruction set
MIPS architecture
MIPS is discussed in detail in the book Computer Organization and Design by David Patterson and John Hennessy
The SPIM Simulator (spim and xspim commands on onyx) allows you to run a MIPS program
AWK Tutorial
Links to information about The AWK Programming Language by Alfred V. Aho, Brian W. Kernighan, and Peter J. Weinberger which is on reserve in the Albertson's Library. Chapters 1-2 are recommended reading.
Getting Started with AWK
Regular Exressions
Wikipedia discussion of regular expressions
Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey E. F. Friedl is in the library.
Regular expression information
The Tao of Regular Expressions
Test your regular expression needs Flash
regular expressions in Java (Pattern class)
Scripting Languages
Linux command: perl
What is perl? from The Perl Journal
Learn Perl
Another perl tutorial
Perl Compatible Regular Expressions

Linux command: python
Learning Python (in Albertson Library collection of Safari Books Online)
Python Home
Python Tutorial
Beginner's Guide
Python Grammar
Python Resources
Linux command: ruby
Ruby Home Page
Quick Start
Learning Ruby
Programming Ruby
Linux command: tcl
Developer Exchange
Short Tcl Tutorial
Tcl Tutorial
Another Tcl Tutorial
Functional Languages
There are two Scheme interpreters on onyx
MIT Scheme (scheme at the command line) is a command-line program.
MIT/GNU Scheme home page
MIT Scheme Reference
MIT Scheme User's Manual
Dr Scheme (drscheme at the command line) is a GUI program.
Scheme Tutorial from Walla Walla College
Teach Yourself Scheme
sample scheme programs (index)
Practice exercises
The Scheme Programming Language by R. Kent Dybvig (an html book that is also available in hardcopy form in the library - it is on reserve)
Scheme FAQ
The Hugs interpreter for Haskell has been installed on onyx. (hugs at the command line)

Text Formatting Languages
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
Tex and LaTex
The KDE program kile provides a graphical front end for using LaTex. Type kile command to start the program, then find the Kile Handbook in the Help menu.
LaTex Home Page
Latex Help
A minimal template for a report with a bibliography written using LaTex. The makefile has examples of the commands needed to perform the various operations you need to do when working with LaTex files. (all files)
An example showing how to create viewgraphs using LaTex.

Rule-based Languages and the make utility
Viewgraphs on logic programming (ps, pdf)
GNU Make from
GNU Make manual

C, C++, Java and C#
basic program structure
basic I/O
strings in C
Compiling and running a C program
sample C programs
C Operator precedence
basic program structure
basic I/O
C++ string class
Compiling and running a C++ program
C++ information
C/C++ Users Journal Expert Forum
CppDoc Documentation Generator (Use the command cppdoc on onyx; documentation)
parameter passing in C++
A summary of the new features of Java 1.5
Boxcar Syntax Diagrams
Sun's Java Documentation (When you are logged into onyx with a graphics connection, you can get the same information locally from file:/usr/local/java/docs/api/index.html)
basic program structure
Compiling and running a Java program
Language Specification
Java Syntax
Java BNF
A different version of BNF for Java
Enums in Java
Javadoc documentation generation utility
Visual C# Developer Center
The C# Language (Microsoft)
C# Practical Learning
C# Tutorial (Softsteel Solutions)
C# Station Tutorial
Comparative Overview
C# Documentation
Comparison of C, C++ and Java
Some notes on automatically generating documentation

Local Computing Facilities

Guide to local Computing Facilities
The CS Department Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers for CS computers has some stuff about remote access
Remote development
If you use a non-standard keyboard at home, check here for how to configure linux to use that layout in the lab.

Boise State
Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Student Code of Conduct

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